Posted on February 23, 2012 at 9:33 pm

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Daler Mehndi Green Drive Plants the Trees in Sri Suru Nanak Khalsa College!

Daler Mehndi isn’t just a legendary Punjabi artist he is also an environmentalist! The Daler Mehndi Green Drive has been working hard in India to create a more Green environment!

Many of us understand what global warming is all about, but don’t really do anything about it. Advocating the importance of taking care of our environment, Daler is very attached to the environment.  In fact, everywhere Mehndi goes to perform, he plants a tree! Recently, Daler Mehndi planted the trees in Sri Guru Nanak Khalsa College with the students and teachers for his plantation drive.

“It is a day for people from all walks of life to come together and work together to save our environment and leave a greener and healthier legacy,” said Daler.



Beside the DM Green Drive initiative, the singer was in Sri Guru Nanank Khalsa College to performance for the students in their annual cultural fest “SURLOK 2011-12”. Daler Mehndi along with his troupe set the stage on fire. Be it “Raja Re Raja”, “Na Na Na Re” and other songs, students, alumni and other audience members enjoyed every bit of his electrifying performance.  Everyone waited for him over an hour and when he arrived on stage, the audience went wild with excitement!

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