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Ali Zafar idolizes Frank Sinatra!

Award-winning pop singer, composer and actor Ali Zafar follows up his popular hits Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Tere Bin Laden with the cross-continent romantic comedy LONDON PARIS NEW YORK opening in North American theaters this Friday, March 2!

Unlike most Bollywood films, LPNY features its multi-talented stars Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari singing their own songs on a soundtrack which has already spawned multiple hit songs and hot music videos. Check out this new interview where Zafar sat down to talk about his new film, shooting around the world, and idolizing Frank Sinatra!


Q: How did LPNY come about and what attracted you to the story?

Ali Zafar: I and my manager met with the director Anu Menon and executives from Rose Movies to discuss the project. I loved the script and the story and so was sold on doing the film. The fact that it’s set in three parts, filmed in three wonderful cities and covers three chapters in the lead characters’ lives, makes it a unique and special film.


Q: What was your thinking behind the musical soundtrack?

Ali Zafar: I wanted to create sounds that are fresh and since the film touches on different emotions I could experiment with genres. I used Pop Romance in London, Electronic Sufi in Paris and Blues Rap in New York, all blended in with a true Bollywood style. What is even more unique is that it features me and Aditi singing our own songs on the OST.


Q: Were you clicking pictures most of the time on the sets or romancing Aditi?

Ali Zafar: Both. She has a very interesting and photogenic face. She was also getting herself photographed. Aditi has given me a new tag and I will have to live with it forever 🙂

Q: What is special about your new film: London Paris New York?

Ali Zafar: There are a lot of unique things about the film; it is a Hatke love story with a lot of romance and great music. Our experience from the film, I believe, is different from those who have done similar films in the past. The characters are different, the story is different. This is our way of telling a love story of today’s time and age. We have made a nice, cute film. We know our targets and hopefully the audience will appreciate the film.

Q: What was it like filming in London, Paris and New York three cities?

Ali Zafar: Well, the three cities have a story written on all their walls. At some places, I would just wish I could put my easel down and start painting those streets. They are an artist’s paradise.



Q: How do you think your music and acting will be received?

Ali Zafar: I hope people like my acting and music. Right now, I only want to sing for my own films where I play the lead. At a later stage I may consider composing and singing for films where I’m not on screen.

Q: Will you be working with Katrina Kaif on your next music album?
Ali Zafar:
I won’t start recording for my album for at least two years. As for Katrina’s involvement on my album, I don’t know where that news came from. We jammed together during our last film. We love music and discussed a possibility of recording together but there is nothing planned. Both Aditi and Katrina are really dear to me. They’re musically inclined and talented girls. If they are willing to be part of my album a few years later, it will be my pleasure to have them on-board.

Q: Who are your musical idols?

Ali Zafar: It is a big compliment for me when people compare me to Kishore Kumar because he is one man who I always look up to. He was so talented that I cannot dare to stand any closer to him. He was somebody who used to sing and act. Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, these are the people whom I idolize a lot. They have done movies and they used to sing songs. I just hope, in my small way, I can be somewhere close to these big names.



Q: Do you have a message for your US fans?

Ali Zafar: I had a great time shooting some of London Paris New York in New York. I would love the American fans to see the film, as they will really relate to it and love it!


Be sure to catch this flick out March 2nd!

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