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Upcoming Film "Pseudo – Blood of Our Own"

The soon to be released ‘Pseudo – Blood Of Our Own‘ is a Bollywood cross-cultural action drama.  The film is in English, but it’s a story that revolves around South Asian characters based in North America.  We have the scoop on the movie – the trailer, behind the scenes of the production, as well the synopsis – all below just for you!  Let us know what you think of this new movie!


Cheema, Jamal, Johnny and Juggy are high school friends and come from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. They all got into the drug trafficking industry for different reasons but a common goal – to make fast and easy money and lots of it.

Jamal comes from a very well to do family, but his parents don’t have time from their business and social activities for their only son. He wants to prove to himself that he is capable of making it on his own. Johnny’s dad is an alcoholic and he grew up being abused and seeing his mother suffer at the hands of his dad. He wants to make enough so that he can escape the suffering.

Juggy has a younger brother who is mentally and physically challenged. His parents work hard but the medical bills of their younger son always cause their financial situation to be tight and stressful.

Cheema, who got dis-owned by his parents because of his criminal activities, is the leader of the group. He is struggling with his situation and is eager to get out and live a better, cleaner life with his wife and son but another high school friend and a cop named SLEAZE keeps giving him and his gang jobs where the return is too good to refuse and Cheema finds himself trapped in a life he doesn’t want to lead any more.

When Sleaze offers them a job that promises big money, Cheema and his crew are quick to accept. However what they don’t know is that the job means stealing from the local drug-lord named Dirty Harry. A lack of planning on Sleaze’s part causes a shoot-out that leaves Johnny wounded and the entire crew losing their sense of security and trust. As Cheema struggles to keep his crew intact, Dirty Harry is furious and wants to recover his money and drugs, and eliminate whoever is responsible.

The power of money becomes obvious and the loyalty and trust among friends is put to test.

The film is directed by Gursimran Dhillon and stars Naresh K, Manwinder Gill, Tay Shawn Prinse and Paul Grewal.

The trailer can be watched at the link below:


Also, check out the exclusive stills from production:

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