Posted on January 13, 2012 at 2:07 am

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The Serese girls say "Read My Lips"

Did you not hear what they said? “Read My Lips”! Which girls said it? The Serese Girls!

The girls have done it once again, this time with a Desi Dub Remix! Serese girls have done it by adding a mix flavor to the original track of Read My Lips!  In a short space of time, Serese has been awarded with Asian Music Award nominations, clothing sponsorship with Apple Bottoms & Adidas, and have stolen the show with their opening performance at the MTV Music Awards in Asia.  The girls are ready to take the world by storm!  Their dance moves even have that swag style to it!

Tell us what you think, are you reading their LIPS?

To Purchase the track click here –> (Itunes)

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