Posted on January 31, 2012 at 8:25 pm

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Sullee J's "A Few Words From Above"

We’ve all come to appreciate the talent that is Baltimore’s Sullee J.  He is one artist that is committed not only to bringing you good music, but also to spread the message of peace and love.  If you follow UrbanAsian, you probably have read some of his earlier articles that we ran on the site.  Now, he’s back with yet another masterfully penned article.  If you haven’t read his work before, or heard his songs, not to worry, because after reading this article, you’ll be a fan! 

Says Sullee J about this article,

“It’s not easy being an artist who picks up a pen and writes as if almost it was moving by itself. This article is very special to me, not knowing where it came from, but without a doubt, definitely know a higher perspective. That is the reason to why I chose to call this one “A Few Words From Above”. It reflects on humanity and faith.”

Read it in its full version below and let us know what you think!

A Few Words From Above

Should there be sent down a vicegerent to make route for those who have disbelieved? For those who have forgotten how to see? Careless! Yet in their hearts they too wish to be! Will they deny the divine revelation, even though the truth doth set free? Has it not been made clear enough? And do they be so foolish, that they wish to believe; God is clueless to his own creation? Do they believe he has not the ability no more to stay alert? Do they not see? It was God who made them first, not them who made God! Do they know what is yet to come? Do they disbelieve in the One? Do they continue to prove something that does not exist in no more but self-illusion? Delusional minds, self-fulfilling prophecies will get you only so far! Where will you take your valueless inventions when you die? Foolish! Do not make Him angry! Thou does not know what is set in stone! Does thou know the meaning of life? It is not to get ahead of yourself! Stay alert! Moderation is everything, if only ye knew how to balance. But to balance is to believe, and to believe is to know and to know is to lack doubt! Does man think God knows not, that what he does? Does man be so ignorant he forgets where he comes from? Does he believe that he can create greater than thee Creator? If so, then make visible of your proof. Surely, you will be at loss.

Even thou organs are committed to He, and act through He, and sustain through He, yet still you disbelieve. Only if they knew, even the heartbeats, when it is allowed to beat. The mind thinks, when it is allowed to think. The eyes see, when they are allowed to see. Hence when man sleeps, they are blind and incapable of thought. God has made man with obedient features. It is not that man doth not believe in God, but when he refuses, he disbelieves in himself. Nature is obedient to its creator. Does the sun not rise to remind you? Does the moon not return to you at night? You are only deceiving yourself when allowing your mind to be fed, by the leaders of hell. They reiterate that religion distracts the man from opening his mind. They reiterate that religion is what divides mankind. No! True religion does not divide its inhabitants. It guides to unite and purify their hearts. It does not teach hatred, nor jealousy. Nor does it tell us to allow our differences to create enemies. They say it’s either science or religion. Do they not know religion is nothing without the science behind it? Who is the greatest inventor after all? Show your proofs if you must! Surely, you will be at loss.

Surely, it is the blind who believe they have figured out God’s existence, before they’ve figured their own. Surely, it is the blind who have believed to disbelieve due to false administrations and history. Many modern day leaders choose to proliferate the image of Al-Shaytaan and proceed to secrete venom from within their vocal chords. How dare they deny the substance, which was granted as a form of guidance. Lo! There is only one truth, what lie have ye been fooled into believing? Have you forgotten whom ye will return to? What is it that has set you astray from the right path? Feeble minds! So quick to believe into the pitch of popularity, rather than the truth. Does thou not see the signs? What is faith in the face of your money? Do you dare think that a piece of paper weighs heavier than your deeds? Surely, you were just a piece of dirt before the conversion into a seed. Surely, you have forgotten the straight path. Surely you have undermined the existence of the ever lasting, and made yourself the Al-Mighty on this earth. Surely you have fallen in the footsteps of evil by disbelieving in the Supreme. Surely, you have been deceived. Surely, you will be at loss.

Remember, God is most merciful. God’s wrath is entirely personal. We are no one to judge! We must work as a unit to initiate the awakening of this enslaved generation. We are no genius! We are in no position to force belief! I am only a sign, just like you! I have instilled in me, the desire to open up your hearts and create room for acceptance. I have come to remind you to proceed with good intentions! I have come to eradicate the fiction spread through false predictions. I have come to rule out the false accusations amongst religion through premeditated decisions. I am no one compared to our Creator! I have come to disable the mouths, which have continuously spread lies and enabled the route. The route of evil, which has increased and found comfort in the unstable. I have come to make sure the devil’s whisper remains not allowed. I have come to unite and desegregate the crowds. I have come to spread truth and help you wake up. I have come as a proof! Surely, just another sign before the day of; these are just a few words from above.

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