Posted on January 2, 2012 at 3:42 pm

Music What's Happenin'

Rishi Rich, Hard Kaur, and Preet Harpa Club-Style

After ringing in the new year you are probably not thinking about what plans to make this weekend. Well, we say keep the party going and spice up your coming Saturday night with a new hit single, Saturday Night, featuring music by Rishi Rich, Tigerstyle and DJ Sanj as well as vocals by Hard Kaur and Preet Harpal.

This club-style, dance hit is filled with the sexy voice of Preet Harpal, some wicked rapping by Hard Kaur, all bundled up with a hint of Rishi Rich Production.

The video is just as amazing as the song itself with a mixture of hip-hop choreography and rap-style performance. Must I also add the fashion that Hard Kaur pulls off? She has totally swagged her style in this video showing off more of her fit figure and diva side. Preet Harpal is no less, with his handsome style and cool-guy charm.

What more can we say? It is simply best to check it out yourself only on UrbanAsian!

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