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Rajev Paul's poetry remade into songs!

As we told you yesterday, the heartthrob of Indian television, Rajev Paul, is set to pull on your heartstrings with his new poetry book, Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai.  His poetry has found its place not only in the world of Hindi literature, but also, in the world of music.

Some of Rajev’s poetry from this book have been composed as songs by a band called Shadow (comprising the talented duo Rajan Adhlakha and Vineet Malhotra).  One song in particular, “Uljha Sa Rehta Hun” has been nominated for an International award – the IndieGo.

Rajev has now made a bank of a few songs, which he feels will be super hits as and when they are released in films or as albums.  He tells us that he hates words that are cheap and vulgar, and will never write something that lacks dignity.

Usually Hindi/Urdu books have a footnote where some of the difficult words are explained to the readers.  What’s curious about Rajev’s Mumbai Mohabbat Aur Tanhai, is that there are no footnotes at all!  Why?  Well, Rajev believes there is not a single word that someone living in this country or abroad will not understand.  The poems are written in Hindi as spoken in India and the world over.  There is also a liberal mix of Hindi/Urdu and sometimes English, as some words cross the boundaries of language and become universal.

Rajev’s poetry is straight from the heart – which is perhaps the most universal language of all!  The poems are very simple yet, deep and meaningful.  Included below is the poem “Uljha Sa Rehta Hun” that was composed into the beautiful song by Shadow!  It will be releasing soon and will be available all over the world.

Uljha sa rehta hun

Uljha sa rehta hun
Pareshaan sa rehta hun
Dhundtaa hun mai tujhe..
Khud khoya sa rehta hun..

Dua mai karta hun
Khuda se roz milta hun
Intezaar bhi karta hun
Roz hausla bhi khota hun

Yun to tamannaye bhi hai
Hai kitni hi aarzoo bhi
Sab tujhse hi hai judi
Khwaishe saari hai khoyi khoyi

Tere hi khayalo me hun
Yaado ke baadlo me hun
Muskarane ko taiyaar hun
Magar abhi aanson ke saath hun

Uljha sa rehta hun
Parehaan sa rehta hun
Dhundtaa hun mai tujhe..
Aur khud khoya sa rehta hun..

If you like this poem and you’d like to read more please purchase a copy of this book:!  This book is an ideal gift for someone you love and want them to know that you do.  Rajev intends that his poetry will take you on a journey that goes into the past… deep inside your heart… where you will surely think of someone – a past love, a current love, or a potential love.  When their image is conjured up, Rajev suggests that you call or meet them!  That’s the whole idea of the book – connect with yourself and connect with people who matter.

Whereas most authors insist that theirs is a book that will be hard to put down, Rajev suggests that no one should read his book at one go.  Instead, he equates the book to having a glass of wine, which is best enjoyed one sip at a time.  That is, this book is meant to be savored and should inspire you to think and ponder the deeper messages in each poem.

Keep it locked to as we follow Rajev’s journey!

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