Posted on January 5, 2012 at 4:44 am

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Love to Hate Abhishek Bachchan?

You can’t break me; you only make me stronger. 

We’ve heard this phrase a ton of times. The optimist will always take things in a positive way, whether it be negative feedback on something they do, when someone questions his/her character, or even worse.  This is not always easy to do, however.

Just take a look at Bollywood stars. They get loads of love from their fans, but probably crates of criticism, as well, from their haters.  If they let the hate bring them down, they would never be able to succeed.

An example of such a role model is seen on Arjun Rampal’s Star World show called Luv 2 Hate U. This show reveals a Bollywood star and one of his/her haters.  The two then engage in conversation and the outcome is definitely something to be seen.

Just recently, Abhishek Bachchan was featured on the show with his hater Pratiksha.  About thirty-one and a half minutes into the New Year’s day episode, Abhishek sings a parody he has written for “Why This Kolaveri Di” to Pratiksha. In the end, he tells her that no matter what she thinks of him, he will continue what he does in the way he prefers to do it. Of course, she has by then changed her view of him and has enjoyed the parody.

Abhishek is a perfect example of standing up for what you believe in and not letting what does not matter (haters, negative feedback, etc.) get to your mind.

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