Posted on January 27, 2012 at 3:17 am

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Jawani 2 Explodes!

After the success of Jawani, DJ H has brought in Jawani 2 with the vocals of Nirmal Sidhu, rapper JJ (also known as Jas Johal), and co-produced by Angel.  Whether you hear it in the club or at a wedding, this bhangra track will leave everyone dancing and singing the night away!

DJ H shows his creativity in his video for Jawani 2.  He’ll take you on a ride from the sky to sand and make you dance on a boat!  Makes you realize that he is quite adventurous and fearless.

DJ H’s last album, Reloaded was UK’s best album of 2008.  It was seen as number 1 in the Punjabi Charts in India in a matter of only 6 days!  DJ H has played in world’s biggest nightclubs and has collaborated with other artists like Trevor Nelson, Tim Westwood, and Jazzy B.

Jawani 2 is out now on E3UK Records. You can view the Making of Jawani 2 via the Official E3UK Records Facebook Page

Also check out the Official DJ H Facebook Page

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