Posted on January 24, 2012 at 6:19 pm

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Banger drops his debut track "Soorma" featuring the late Kuldeep Manak

It’s a New Year and a brand new Bhangra artist is set to take Bhangra music on another level!  Earlier this month, we introduced you to ‘Banger’, signed to Realtone Records, who is gearing up to make his debut as a solo artist in the music industry with his single, Soorma.  He is not a newbie to the industry by any means, as he is and has been a part of the hit making MoneySpinner team.

Banger has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.  He is already loved, supported and has performed with many artists like, Late Kuldeep Manak, Jazzy B, Nachda Sansaar, B21 , lGurcharan Mall, Malkit Singh, Master Saleem, Sardara gill, PBN, Suki Chand and Cloud 9 to name a few.

In January, we showed you the trailer to Soorma, but now he’s ready with the full video.    The song features a special appearance by one of the biggest names in the music industry, Late Kuldeep  Manak.  Soorma is a traditional Punjabi song produced by UK’s finest producers MoneySpinner & Time Productions.

After the success of ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ and ‘Poetry,’ Banger is now embarking on his new musical journey.  ‘Soorma‘ is a folk Punjabi song and will be available for purchase on 26th of January.

Banger’s music will bring back the true essence of Punjabi music, with this unique artist being able to sing live and play a number of traditional instruments Banger aspires to do what his inspirations Kuldeep Manak Ji and Jazzy B  have done,

” I want to take Bhangra music to how it was, raw, desi and folk. The Punjabi culture is so rich and so deep i want to teach young kids about our music and language. I can’t wait to play and sing live on stage shows and bring back the real essence of our culture

Born and raised in Birmingham, after his debut stage performance playing Dholki at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham at the age of 14, Banger has never looked back. He has toured the globe with MoneySpinner, B21 and was a core member of Nachda Sansaar in his late teens. Possessing a rare musical talent, Banger is able to play almost any musical instrument from the baja and algoze to the tumbi and dhol .


From the baja and algoze to the tumbi, dhol. Enjoy the video:

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