Posted on January 24, 2012 at 7:55 pm

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Desi Dark Child releases tribute to late Kuldeep Manak

Like many artists who idolized the late Kuldeep Manak, Desi Dark Child has also released a new track as a tribute to the famous Punjabi artist after his passing.


 Desi Dark Child has had a major association to Kuldeep Manak Ji as he had played the Drums & Dholak with him on live stage shows back in the late 80’s & mid 90’s & occasionally with the band Parwanna Sangeet from Coventry that DDC was a part of. DDC Records have had an ongoing strong hold of friendship with Manak Ji which many people may or may not have been aware of.

“Meeting Manak Ji made me realise how powerful his voice was & how passionate he was for music as a singer… I have been following his legacy in music industry since the age of 7 & believe no one will ever be able to give us the musical enjoyment & teachings as he did.  A lot of other musicians such as myself were close to him in a personal way. I have done this track to celebrate his legacy of the work he blessed all his fans with & as many artists i have not expressed this track as a Dj so called remix but a original Kuldeep Manak ji Vocal with Uk style beats that also make you wanna dance.  I thought it was vital that I stepped  into doing something different by producing a brand new track that we recorded several years ago whilst he was in good health & in the UK by thinking out of the box twisted with hip hop style. this song was fully live recorded within 20 Hr’s & uploaded as a tribute to share my experiences”. – Words of DDC.


Download the track right here:

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