Posted on January 25, 2012 at 1:14 am

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Daniel Radcliffe’s Big Break Post Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe will always play a big part in the lives of all the people who have grown up in the era of Harry Potter.  In the series, his talent was showcased well with his brilliant performances from a very tender age.  With his iconic role as Harry Potter, a young wizard who triumphs over the evil wizard Voldemort in an epic good vs evil battle, Daniel has cemented his place in our hearts forever.

With the Harry Potter series officially over, Radcliffe is now set to break out in other roles to affirm for audiences how talented he is.  His next release is a PVR Pictures super natural thriller called, ‘The Woman In Black.

The role, which is a far cry from the magical world of Harry Potter, features Radcliffe in the role of a young lawyer.  Leaving his youthful Potter image behind, in this role, Radcliffe will portray a more mature role in a more sombre and realistic setting. Apart from the famous Harry Potter series, Radcliffe has also featured in a Broadway ‘Equus’ and has lent his voice for an episode in The Simpsons.

No doubt, Daniel has grown as an actor over the years, but ‘The Woman In Black’ will be seen as a big stepping stone in his career where he finally breaks free from his image of the boy wizard and proves his ability to step into the shoes of any character he plays.

We are all waiting for the release of ‘The Woman In Black’ to see if the boy wizard Harry Potter successfully works his magic to morph into the young lawyer Arthur Kipps of ‘The Woman In Black’, and impress his audience with an enthralling performance.  Stay tuned to UrbanAsian for more details!

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