Posted on December 20, 2011 at 10:56 pm

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Tara Priya is 'Wounded'!!!

We’ve got a new lady making headlines! Her first single from the EP ‘Rollin’ has been a massive hit across India, UK and the Middle East. She was also one of three finalists in the John Lennon Song-writing Contest. Now, this gifted newcomer and multi-instrumentalist from San Franciso has just released her second single, Wounded. You’re absolutely right if you guessed Tara Priya!!

Tara started piano, poetry, and song writing at the tender age of 4. She later extended her artistic abilities with drumming, acting, opera and jazz singing followed by music studies at Columbia University in New York.

Her self-titled debut EP “Tara Priya” charted in the Top 20 of many American radio stations and even got distributed in Japan!

With a voice like that, it’s hardly surprising that she has won a few awards recently, among others the 18th Annual Billboard Song Contest.



I’ll let you do the judging for yourself. Check out her second single, Wounded, right here!

Be sure to get yourself a copy from iTunes & also check out Tara Priya on her official website, Facebook, and Twitter!

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