Posted on December 13, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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STRIKEY and SAI PRIYA having issues? "WHY WOULD YOU"

Well not really having issues, although it might just be a major conflict of Love?  Let me not keep you in suspense, take a look for yourselves! Strikey and the amazing Sai Priya team up in “Why Would You” featured on Strikey’s EP Album. “Why Would You?” is  a very catchy r’n’b pop track, featuring the beautiful vocals of Sai Priya!

Sai Priya, born in Jamaica, raised in Trinidad & Tobago and later London, has a voice, which knows no barriers. Described as an intoxicating talent, her first offering comes from years of vast vocal training crossing both Caribbean and Eastern rhythms. Sai Priya’s inspiration on Strikey’s ‘Why Would You’ track came about from understanding the journeys of a relationship from the joys to fighting through the challenging times and expressing her strength as a woman to keep their love going strong. Strikey describes Sai Priya as a “joy to work with, somebody who understands and feels every word”.

Produced by the ever so talented Mad Mo, ‘Why Would You’ is a love story between a couple whose relationship is nothing far from perfect. With deep words and a brilliant story, this track is definitely relatable to man! Pretty deep if you ask me! Take a look for yourself, let us know what you think!

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