Posted on December 21, 2011 at 1:19 am

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Shama romances in 'Baarish'

British-Hindi singer and songwriter Shama is back to re create some magic in the music charts with a follow up to her upbeat catchy number ‘Diljaani’, which was well received nationwide and earned her a spot as Bobby Friction’s featured BBC introducing artist.

Before the year is up she is all set to release her new track ‘Baarish’ – a romantic song she has written herself. She has teamed up once more with The 515 Crew, who collectively are a live band and production outfit, lead by Hinal Pattani.

Speaking about the song, Shama said: “Baarish is a personal favourite. I enjoy making all my songs but I feel this track really stands out from anything I’ve done in the past, and as always, working with Hinal and the rest of The 515 Crew has been brilliant.”

‘Baarish’ will be released with another darker remix with a heavy drum ‘n’ bass production in addition to the original, called ‘Monsoon Mix’.  Both versions will be available to purchase from iTunes on December 22nd.

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