Posted on December 2, 2011 at 2:52 am

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Ravi Iyer of Para Vayu Composes for “The Dance of Death”

After wrapping up on the background score of “Super K,” critically acclaimed guitarist-composer, Ravi Iyer, has composed the score for Los Angeles based screenwriter-director Amanda Sodhi’s film “The Dance of Death.” The film explores a young Indian woman’s awakening when her domineering husband’s sudden death brings happiness and freedom into her life.

“It was a pleasure working on the music with Amanda Sodhi for her film ‘The Dance Of Death,’” said Ravi Iyer. “A great film indeed, and I wish her success with this film in the future. Working on a short film was definitely exciting and challenging at the same time as the message to get across has to be achieved in a shorter time frame. So working on the theme music to substantiate the story line was really interesting for me to work upon. Unlike a feature film where you have ample time and space to play around with the music, in case of a short film one needs to be tight and precise in putting across the message of the film.” Iyer is in the process of releasing his solo fusion album with his project titled VRavi-Guitar Fusion.

“’The Dance of Death’ marks my debut as a director, so the film is very dear to me,” said Amanda Sodhi. “The film has very few dialogues and Ravi’s score along with Damian Parada’s sound mixing and sound design has really breathed life to the film.” Sodhi previously co-wrote award-winning filmmaker Rohit Gupta’s feature film “Life! Camera Action…” for which she shared a nomination in the “Best Screenplay” category with him at the World Music & Independent Film Festival this year.

“The Dance of Death” features many critically acclaimed Los Angeles based actors including Puja Mohindra, Rahul Nath, Shruti Tewari, Samira Saha, Thomas Tevana, Paul Singh, Laikh Tewari and Sitara Attaie. The films’ crew includes Arani Sen as the director of photography, Mark Thomas Lickona as the editor, and Damian Parada as the sound mixer, sound editor and sound designer.

Check out the trailer below!

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