Posted on December 24, 2011 at 1:01 am

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Promo of Hiq Vich Jor!

After the huge success of Sher Punjabi in 2008 and O’Billo in 2010/2011, G-Deep is back with his third album Hiq Vich Jor. G-Deep has teamed up with Punjabi label Amar Audio for this album, and the title track Hiq Vich Jor-Bhagat Singh is a patriotic track very close to G-Deep’s heart.

G-Deep has teamed up with Punjabi label Amar Audio for this album. After his Sher Punjabi album, G-Deep took a different musical route and came out with O’Billo which had a hindi/Bollywood vibe to it. Although, G-Deep had only experimented with the hindi album and gained so much success, he wanted to stick to his Punjabi roots and cater to his Punjabi fans with Hiq Vich Jor.  Because he wants to make music that actually matters, his album showcases a variety of different types of songs.  The album features a total of ten tracks and G-Deep working very hard hopes that all his fans will continue to support him as they have over the years.   Check it out below!

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