Posted on December 24, 2011 at 10:53 pm

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N-Gill: The New Voice of Punjabi Music

The upcoming year is going to be an exciting year for the music industry as Dubai-based singer and songwriter N-Gill prepares to amaze UK audiences with his talents.  His debut song Aundi Nahi Awaaz Kade is a ballad with fantastic lyrics that will definitely set every woman’s heart on fire!









Born in India, N-Gill has been interested in music ever since he started singing at age 4; by the time he was 12 he was already writing his own songs.  Inspired by Gurdas Maan, he describes his music as:

My inspiration and lyrics come from what is around me, but what we often forget and take for granted. I want my music to touch people’s hearts and just remind them that there is hope and happiness. In this busy and hectic life that we all lead we often overlook those important little things like our dreams, hopes and aspirations.

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