Posted on December 29, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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Manish aka X FADER – ‘Jiwan’ (Xperiences of my Jiwan/Life)

Manish aka DJ X FADER is gearing for an album release in Mid-2012 titled ‘Jiwan’ (Xperiences of my Jiwan/Life).  The album is as diverse as the cultures featured on his debut 9 track album.  With each track, he flexes his production skills, fusing styles, and inspirations from India to the Middle East.  He also seamlessly mixes in Jamaican and Western flavors.

While many of the tracks have an ethnic flavor, X Fader’s foundation in DJing is clearly demonstrated, as each track has been carefully calibrated with a club audience in mind to blend smoothly into the latest RnB, Rap, Breakbeat and Dance styles.  As a DJ, X Fader mastered the vibe club goers love and has honed his skills by dropping beats to club goers across the world.

Jiwan‘ meaning life illustrates the multi-cultural influences which dominate the music scene.  Each track stands one its own and takes the listener on a story differing from the one before.  The album as a whole relates to X Fader’s interpretation of everyday life and experiences, both lyrically and musically.

X FADER’s debut album ‘Jiwan’ will be out on iTunes worldwide and Amazon MP3 + Android (UK/US/EU).  However, the first single – ‘Bekhabar‘ is out now!

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