Posted on December 20, 2011 at 3:03 am

What's Happenin'

Kamal Raja brings the "UFFF"

By: Hinesh Rana


The name Kamal Raja should sound familiar to the listeners. His first international single “Like A Star” shot through the roof in the United Kingdom, and so he followed up with another international single titled “Teri Chaal” which captured the audience as a whole. By then he knew his breakthrough was not very far away.



Kamal Raja was born in Amsterdam, to a Pakistani father and a Mongolian mother. Since his childhood he knew what he wanted to be famous! At the age of 12, Kamal did his very first audition as a dancer in which he did all kinds of stage performances. His willpower and ambition continued to grow and he knew he could do more than just dance. Without any musical background Kamal began to sing, his dream brought him to create international hits. Not long ago, together with Light-Enterprise and CJ Music, Kamal dropped his first solo single titled “No Clue Ft. Salah Edin”. The release of his music video captured over 595,000 views. With such success Kamal Raja brings you another mashing hit titled “UFFF” !!! This song should definitly be played at high volume, the UFFF virus is brought to speakers near you!!!

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