Posted on December 11, 2011 at 3:11 pm

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Arjun Asks "How Could You Do This To Me" Kolaveri Di

Kolaveri has turned viral with so many versions to it that even we can’t keep track! There are numerous covers of the hit track out there.

Latest add to that list is UK Sensation Singer, Arjun.
Arjun said “I’m part Tamil myself, I thought I should do a remix”

Check out his English R&B Remix where he asks “How Could You Do This To Me” where you’ll see Arjun showing his amazing talent off, and I’m not just talking about his singing, but his musical talent with the guitar and piano!

Seeing the comments on his YouTube page about the song, fans are already loving it and feel its different than all the other covers out there. Maybe it’s that cute smile of his that adds on 😉

In the beginning of the video he says “I don’t usually do this kind of song”… Well we’re glad you did, Arjun! It sounds amazing!



Arjun tells Urban Asian:

“I really liked the original “Why This Kolaveri Di”, which is actually taken from the soundtrack of a new Tamil film called ‘3’. Being of Tamil and British origin, I wanted to re-interpret the song with a British R&B flavour and I’m delighted it has received such a strong response in just the first 48 hours since posting it on YouTube.”

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