Posted on December 31, 2011 at 7:50 pm

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Australia's Adi-A leaves his mark

If you like fusion, this is totally your deal!  The new remixes of “Lala Liar” (originally sung by Rara Loud) and “Bamboo Dey Chop” (by Shiikane) are just for you.  Yes, these are the latest creations of Adi-A.  Lala Liar is upbeat and a mixture of English and Desi tunes, while “Bamboo Dey Chop” is all about dham dham dhol making the track a totally new experience. Even as both of these artists are very different, Adi-A has brought them together with his beats and style.

Check out these two hot tracks here on!

Shiikane – Bamboo Dey Chop (Say Goodbye) [Adi-A Remix] *OFFICIAL*

Rara Loud – Lala Liar [Adi-A Remix] *OFFICIAL*

For those who are not familiar with Adeel Ahmed, here is the 411.  Adeel Ahmed aka Adi-A (stage-name) is a Australian Multi-International Asian-Dance-Urban Music Producer, born in Karachi in Pakistan, raised in Melbourne, Australia. Adi-A says he is influenced by Urban/Desi music producers such as Scott Storch, Dr.Dre, Rishi Rich, A.R Rahman and many more.

He worked with British R’n’b band Shiikane for his debut of “Bamboo Dey Chop (Say Goodbye)Official Remix in 2010 and his 2nd Remix with Shiikane “I Wonder If I Take You Home,” which is releasing soon. Also, he recently remixed UK’s Hip-Pop Girl Band Rara Loud’s “Lala Liar“. Currently, Adi-A is working on his 1st Mixtape “First Step Down Under,” which is releasing in a couple months tim.  His debut single is to to release late May 2012.

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