Posted on November 7, 2011 at 5:41 pm

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RKZ drops another "Gonna Be That" video!

The adorable rapper from Luton, RKZ is out with another edition of his popular track “Gonna Be That!” This time it is an acoustic version of the track that he dropped for IndyBrown.TV. As a featured artist this is the first of five covers he will be releasing for the site.

Besides the original and this acoustic cover, RKZ also dropped a “Burban Remix” of the track not too long ago. Which version of the song is your favorite? Let us know!

Here is RKZ’s original “Gonna Be That” track.

Next the talented cutie teamed up with other Burban rappers to give the track a completely new sound. RKZ’s “Burban Remix” featured AC, Swami Baracus, Menis, Lost Souljah, Raxstar and Kaly!

Now RKZ is working on releasing 5 new covers for the online South Asian entertainment channel for the new generation, IndyBrown.TV and the first one was a beautiful acoustic version of “Gonna Be That” with Chris Guthrie on the guitar!

IndyBrown.TV is produced by Barking MAD Productions in association with Design my Night and Spice of Life. Stay tuned to IndyBrownTV to catch the next 4 covers RKZ will be releasing for the site!!

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