Posted on November 6, 2011 at 2:38 am

Music What's Happenin'

Kazzim debuts with "Hottest in the Hood"


Word on the street is that Kazzim is the hot new artist that’s going to bring the UK back as the center of Urban Asian music with his debut track “Hottest in the Hood!”



Returning Desi to the West, Kazzim is no lightweight. With an interest in music from a young age, the Yorkshire born and bred artist set his eyes on the prize, perfecting his art over the coming years. Covering and re-enacting his own versions of Desi and Billboard Chart tracks, Kazzim found himself in the predicament of being an artist capable of serving up mind blowing performances in both Punjabi and English. Further work and perfecting of his art saw Kazzim being recognised by Bollyman Records!


After working hard for 2 years perfecting his craft Kazzim is ready to take on the world! Unmatched capacity, impregnable passion, and profound suaveness makes this 18 year old a true contender for the act to reclaim Britian as the home of Desi-Music. Just check out the teaser for his debut track produced by Kazzim’s label mate, DJ Kash!

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