Posted on November 10, 2011 at 9:57 pm

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India International Film Festival is open for submissions!


In just two years, the India International Film Festival (IIFF) of Tampa Bay has attracted filmmakers from around the nation and media coverage across the globe!  The 3-day festival drew in 2500 people in 2011!



The goal of IIFF is to create a forum for local, national and international filmmakers to conceive, share and showcase ideas as related to India.  The Indian film industry produces the largest number of films in the world.  While, IIFF pays homage to Bollywood, it focuses on independent films in a wide variety of genres as related to the Indian culture and society.


Want to know how to enter?

Well, the IIFF is currently accepting submissions for the 2012 Film Festival, which will take place Feb. 17 – 19 at Channelside Cinemas! There will be two rounds of selections; so early submissions will enjoy an advantage, as there will be more open slots to begin with.



For further information about submissions, criteria and deadlines, visit

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