Posted on November 29, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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Gaurav Dayal composes score for LA-based filmmaker

Music composer Gaurav Dayal who’s worked on the likes of Onir’s ‘Sorry Bhai’ and ‘Say Salaam India’ has recently composed the score for Los Angeles-based writer and director Amanda Sodhi’s short film ‘Through Bloodshot Eyes’.

Speaking about the experience, Gaurav said: “It was refreshing to work on a dark short score for Amanda’s film. It was a change from composing more commercial music.”

‘Through Bloodshot Eyes’ traces the change in dynamics in an abusive Indian father-son relationship spanning over two decades when the tables suddenly turn. The film stars Ramaan Desai, Avtar Chadda and Puppy Manohar.

Sodhi previously co-wrote the award-winning feature film by Rohit Gupta; ‘Life! Camera Action…’, for which she shared a nomination in the ‘Best Screenplay’ category with him at the World Music & Independent Film Festival earlier this year.

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