Posted on November 3, 2011 at 8:08 pm

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Foji strikes a chord with 'Sajnaa'

After the huge success of ‘Pumbeeri’, Foji returns with a brand new video from his international album ‘Daffa Ho Ja’.

Get ready to see Foji in a brand new look in the 6th video from his successful album. From the boy next door we see the singing sensation transform into an urban trend setter sporting a total new edgy look with his blazers.

The song ‘Sajnaa’ is out now and is a love ballad written and produced by Foji himself.

The singer is currently getting ready to release his forthcoming single ‘Minta’ which will feature on his forthcoming album out in 2012.

Urban Asian had exclusive access on the sets for this shoot and managed to get an exclusive clip of this for all our readers.

Check out ‘Sajnaa’ below:

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