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Film Review: Desi Boyz

Release Date: 25th November 2011

Genre: Comedy

Director: Rohit Dhawan

Star Cast: Akhay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Chitrangda, Omi Vaidya

Rating: **1/2  / 5

Desi Boyz tells the story of two friends who decide to become male escorts after becoming the latest victims of a deep recession that has hit the UK.

High flying investment banker Nick Mathur (John Abraham)  has a swish London apartment, an envious bank balance and a beautiful fiancé on his arm. He even financially supports his best friend Jerry Patel (Akshay Kumar) who’s a college drop out that’s never had a long term job.

Their lives take a turn for the worst after Nick is fired from his job due to his company being hit by the recession. Meanwhile Jerry is told to clean up his act and get a proper job to support his nephew Veer, who is at boarding school. Threatened by social services that Veer will be handed over to a foster family, Jerry believes his only option to earn some cash is to sign up to a male escort agency.

Self-respecting Nick, who refuses an admin job below his qualifications is yet easily roped in to become a male escort to prevent his fiancé Radhika Awasthi (Deepika Padukone), who dreams of a big fancy wedding, from finding out about his financial problems.

The movie leads us to believe that becoming a male escort is the only job going in a financial crisis, and one where women will happily spend £400 a night for some male company.

While the story falls a little thin, a few laughs in the first half, along with the great chemistry between the two male actors will keep the audiences entertained for long enough. However the second half tends to fall flat on its face.

After things not going to plan with the escort agency job, Jerry returns to university to complete his qualifications. There he encounters a sexy Indian economics teacher (played by Chitrangda Singh), who conveniently helps him to pass his exams through extra revision tutorials and games of striptease. While on the other hand Nick is now camping outside his ex-fiancé’s house after she dumps him following his escort antics.

Amongst the already weak script are a few irritating moments, like the custody court scene which is neither comic nor dramatic but an awkward mix between the two, and the scene where Akshay tries to get a proper full time job and pretends to be sexually harassed. There is also an over the top patriotic moment in the lecture room which is a little cringe worthy.

The saving grace of the film are the two male leads – Akshay and John. Though not entirely convinced with Akshay playing a Gujarati, he does manage to make the audiences laugh and excels at the more emotional scenes with young Veer. John is superb in his comic scenes and there is no denying that him and Akshay share a great on-screen chemistry. Deepika looks good but doesn’t really have much scope in the film, and Chitrangda who hasn’t really appeared in an all out commercial Bollywood masala before has even less to do, which is a shame as there seems to be some potential there. Anupam Kher and Omi Vaidya provide a few much-needed laughs in the second half. Sanjay Dutt is great in his cameo.



The movie isn’t all bad however. For those who just want to go to the cinema and be entertained Desi Boyz isn’t a bad choice. There are a few laughs on offer, a bit of drama, and some great eye candy for the girls and guys.

Music by Pritam is easy on the ears with the title track ‘Desi Boyz’ and ‘Jhak Maar Ke’ being my pick. Rohit Dhawan does ok for his first venture having written and directed the film. Hopefully audiences will get to see something a little more polished from him in the future.

If you go in with mediocre expectations then you won’t come out feeling disappointed. Check out the public’s review of the movie!





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