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EXCLUSIVE: UrbanAsian hits the Red Carpet with Shahrukh Khan and Ra.One in Toronto!

My co-host Karn and I, Shruti, were there to see it all happen live! We spoke to fans and briefly with the cast members. We even asked Shahrukh Khan to dance a little for us! Check out our video footage to find out if he did 😉

Fans? Check!

Media? Check!

Red Carpet? Check!

Bring out Team.One!!!

Cold and wet Toronto didn’t stop anyone from coming out to see their new, favorite superhero, G.One, on October 26th.

Diwali may have been a bit cold this year in Toronto, but it was all well worth the wait. Hundreds of fans waited outside for hours to see Shahrukh Khan. Fans, media and dancers all bared the cold weather for hours, eagerly waiting for Shahrukh Khan’s arrival onto the red carpet at the Tiff Bell Lightbox.

Around 7:00pm the cars started rolling in.

First came the gorgeous Shahana Goswami, dressed in a grey-silverish, one-shoulder gown. Although she had tweeted earlier on in the day saying she wasn’t prepared for Toronto to be so cold, she pulled through like a pro! She looked stunning, posing for media and fans. She spoke to the various media outlets that were there and then made her way over to her lovely fans who kept chanting her name. She smiled for pictures and signed autographs as she made her way around the red carpet. I guess the cold Toronto weather wasn’t so bad after all for her, check out what she tweeted after the premiere!

@ShahanaGoswami: Toronto was lovely! Great energy, great crowd! Now, homeward bound! Back to normal life after all the excitement.. 🙂

Next came the man behind the film, director Anubhav Sinha. Although he did look a bit tired and exhausted, he kept it professional and patiently went around greeting fans as well as speaking to all media outlets possible, after all, this was the country where he made his first film!

@AnubhavSinha Terrific Toronto Premier. Lovely audience. This is the country where I made my first film. Good to be back here with Ra.One.

Can you guess who was next? It was Lucifer!!!.. Opps, we mean Armaan Verma, the real hero of the film! Looking dashing in his brown leather jacket, the little cutie kept a smile on his face throughout the event! Fans went crazy as he walked down the red carpet. Armaan looked as if he was born to walk the red carpet, so calm, confident and natural. We can tell he’s got a long, successful career in Bollywood, and hopefully Hollywood too 😉

And they saved the best for last, G.One was finally here!! Dancers in red saris began dancing to “Chammak Challo” on the red carpet as King Khan came out of the car. Fans went crazy screaming, yelling, shouting, pushing and shoving, while others were in shock and crying; so many different emotions, it was hard to keep up! Of course no biggie for SRK as he’s already use to this, after all, they don’t call him ‘King Khan’ for no reason! He spent most of his time with fans, taking pictures, signing autographs, hugging and kissing, blessing his fans and then made his way over to answer some questions for the media. Chants of “Shahrukh! Shahrukh! Shahrukh” were endless, it was absolutely sheer madness! Fans showered him with love, respect, and presents! And of course everyone forgot about the cold, wet, chilly weather in Toronto for those few minutes. Shahrukh’s got that affect 😉

@iamsrk: happy diwali to everyone back home. in toronto looking at the tower…its head in the clouds..flying.. unreadable by the ground walkers.

What did you think of our exclusive UrbanAsian footage? Did you like it?

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