Posted on November 18, 2011 at 1:31 am

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"Dil Sabh De Vakhre" says Satinder Sartaaj

The Punjabi Singer and Poet from Punjab has amused everyone with his folk music.

Sartaaj released his track, “DIL SABH DE VAKHRE,”  the full track is available now-
from the album CHEEREY WALA SARTAAJ.

The long wait for the  official video is over, SATINDER SARTAAJ – DIL SABH DE VAKHRE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) is out for everyone to enjoy, with music produced by JATINDER SHAH. Be sure to check out the official video by Moviebox record label!!

 With his deep Punjabi culture style, Sartaaj says that  “Sufi Music connects me with God.”  He puts much thought and love of nature into his poetry and folk music for every age group to listen to.

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