Posted on November 9, 2011 at 4:58 pm

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Daler Mehndi Croons Hymns from Shri Dasam Granth

Daler Mehndi dominated the bhangra scene in the ’90s and produced numerous chart topping singles (for Bhangra and Bollywood) and super hit albums.  These days, however, Daler has shifted to spiritual music and is truly happy with his new found love in music.  He enjoys the bliss of reciting holy hymns from Shri Dasam Granth.  His latest Bollywood release in the soon to be released ‘I am Singh’ is a Shabad – ‘Dukaalang Pranaasi’.

Directed by Puneet Isssar, ‘I am Singh’ is about the Sikhs who were victims of mistaken identity and hate crimes post 9/11 tragedy in America. The movie portrays the trials and tribulations of men and highlights the bravery and strength with which the Sikhs rekindles the spirits. Puneet, who has also written the script of ‘I am Singh’, approached Mehndi to deliver a song as a salute to the undying courage of invincible Sikhs.  Aptly, the singer decided to recite hymns from the Holy Shri Dasam Granth Sahib which is a collection of hymns uttered from the holy mouth of the Tenth Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji – the true embodiment of courage & valour.

The eternal verse ‘Dukalaang Pranaasi Dialang Sarupe Sada Ang Sange Abhangang Bibhute’ in the powerful and magical voice of Mehndi is from ‘Jaap Sahib’ – the song of the warrior saint. The word means ‘God destroys the pains of births and deaths, and is the embodiment of mercy. God is present with all and His grandeur will never vanish’. Guru Sahib has described the attributes and the glory of the Almighty through the visionary concept of the warrior – saint in these verses. The shabad continues with another hymn ‘Deh  Shiva Bar Mohe Ehai, Subh Karman Te Kabhun Na Tarun’  meaning  ‘Grant me, O Lord, this boon, may I never falter in doing noble deeds’. It encourages one to fight the mind and thoughts within & strengthens the essence of righteousness by enabling self to fight for the virtuous cause.

The recitation of ‘Dukaalang Pranaasi’ by Daler Mehndi is definitely the highlight of ‘I am Singh’ and lovingly delivered with an astounding dedication.

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