Posted on October 31, 2011 at 6:53 pm

Bollywood What's Happenin'

What did Amir Khan do this Diwali?

Believe it or not, the actor-producer and movie-marketing king Aamir Khan has caught on to the “Ra.One” fever this Diwali! Amir Khan was very curious to know the opening numbers of “Ra.One” and he spoke to lot of people on day one. And what he heard then, was something he wasn’t anticipating. Maybe his senses didn’t want to believe the information?

What comes as shock to us is the fact that few days ago he was praising Shah Rukh Khan and wanted “Ra.One” to do well, but the news of outstanding figures didn’t go well with him. We heard, he has a fever and is unwell since the time this knowledge has bestowed upon him!

For the same reason, he cancelled his all the scheduled meetings with his producers, actors, technicians and others. If only, Aamir believed in the saying ‘Ignorance is bliss’ he would have planned out 5 more marketing plans in this time.

What can we say, Maybe his expectations were little and the response was huge. Who would have thought an overwhelming situation can put anyone in sickness. Wait..isn’t superhero’s job is to save people’s life and not making them sick?

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