Posted on October 4, 2011 at 12:09 pm

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John Abraham talks about his dangerous stunts in 'Force'

He has come a long way after being named winner of the Gladrags Manhunt Contest back in 1999. With a number of hits to his name like Dhoom and Dostana – John Abraham is rising so high that there is no room to look down. The actor stars in the recently released film ‘Force’ alongside Genelia D’Souza and Urban Asian brings you an exclusive interview with the man himself.

You’ve come a long way since your first movie Jism (2003) to Force today (2011). Please describe your journey?

However clichéd this may sound, each day is really a new day with a range of experiences, ups and downs, high and lows – it’s life. But you just got to keep going and with the grace of God I’m still here and revving to go even further. I have given my level best to my profession and will keep doing so. My family and fans are my biggest inspiration and I will continue to aspire to meet their expectations. At the end of the day, I have grown as an actor, which is a big achievement for me.

 Your jaw dropping eight pack physique is the talk of the town. What tips can you offer (mainly our male readers) on how to achieve the perfect abs?

Well, a lot of hard work went into preparing for this role as my character required a very rough and tough look, I went through eight strenuous months of rigorous training to build the eight packs and look sturdy. But more than anything else I had to feel stronger and be prepared for some serious action. I am quite particular about my fitness regime which is quite simple – eat healthy and exercise well!

How does it feel to be approached by Hollywood’s ace stunt director JJ Perry, who trained Sylvester Stallone, to offer to train you?

It’s been an absolute honor to get such encouraging comments from a Global Stunt Icon himself! Mr Perry’s compliments have motivated me all the more.

When shooting action movies there are always accidents or incidents on set. Were there any for you whilst filming for Force?

Force is a very high action packed film, hence required a lot of stunts. Although we took great precautions, some accidents did happen. I recall there was the stunt that required me to jump from one moving goods train locomotive to another. Instead of landing on my feet I lost my balance and fell on my back over a heap of stones. I remember I had 40 injury marks on my back! And then there are a few others – this has been a film where I’ve endured the most injuries but it was certainly worth it.

You’ve been paired opposite Genelia D’Souza for the first time we believe. When you are working with an actor for the first time (especially if she is playing your love interest), how do you break the ice? What was your first interaction with Genelia like?

Genelia is so full of life – she brings so much energy on the sets, it’s amazing to work with someone like her. At the same time she is a thorough professional.  I had the most wonderful time working with her and look forward to the opportunity again. I think we make a great on screen couple.

Would you class ‘Force’ among a contemporary genre of Indian films?

Force’ belongs to the classic action romance genre, but with some unique – state of the art action sequences, topped with some extremely exciting music the presentation has been modernized. It is also a very engaging narrative and plot line, with a strong romantic undertone set in today’s times. I am positive that audiences across the globe would enjoy and appreciate this movie as it has something for everyone – from hardcore action to high tension drama and a beautiful romance.

And finally, do you have a special message for your fans?

Thank you all so, so much for supporting me, encouraging me and wishing me well. Your love, affection and belief in me, is a big reason for where I am today, and continuing to take my career to the next level. Please go watch ‘Force’ – I am sure you will all enjoy it.

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