Posted on September 16, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Have you joined the G.One Squad on Facebook?

During the press release on Monday, Shahrukh Khan mentioned that “Ra.One” is a step ahead for Bollywood and this statement holds true for the movie across all mediums. The movie not only marks the coming of a new superhero – G.One – but we also find a special G.One Squad coming together on Facebook!

The G.One Squad is the official Facebook page – – that represents the select community of G.One’s fans. The community thus, enables users to get closer to the new superhero in town and get to know more about him and also gain entry into the squad as G.One Squad members.

Having a good H.A.R.T. (heart) is just one of the criterions to become a G.One Squad member and going by the numbers, there are definitely many such well-meaning users on Facebook. The first post listed out all that it would take for a user to join the G.One Squad and this set the craze among the fans in motion with more than 700 users joining the G.One Squad within a few hours time! Now that’s a powerful fan base!

Now the only question remains is, have you joined the G.One squad yet??

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