Posted on September 30, 2011 at 5:36 pm

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Gop Virk drops solo debut track "Nach Nach!"

New York City rapper, Gop Virk just released his debut solo track titled “Nach Nach!” The fun track with a catchy theme promotes unity and features his brother, Rocky Virk.

“With so much hatred and violence and hatred in the world, I wanted to create a song that puts

all barriers down where people can have a good time and just Nach” – Gop Virk

The UK born rapper was raised by his mother, a single parent in New York City. Growing up on the streets of Queens, NY with two delinquent older brothers, Gop led a tough life that led to respect on the streets and his community but trouble at home. He had to work twice as hard to pay the rent his brothers failed to during his college years.Through this turmoil and his passion to learn Gop Virk’s talents developed and he has spent these past years perfecting his sound, putting his soul into everything.

This rising artist has already collaborated with various bhangra artists, his most memorable track being “One Peg More,” an instant hit. With “Nach Nach” Gop Virk hopes to capture the hearts of all with his message of unity. There will be two versions of the music video, one for the Asia region and another will be the official worldwide video.

Be sure to catch this track out September 30 on iTunes!

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