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FILMI 12 showcases the latest of Independent South Asian Cinema

The 12th Annual FILMI: Toronto’s South Asian Film Festival (FSAFF) will be presented September 29th to October 2nd, 2011 at the AGO and  Revue Cinema. The vision of FILMI: Toronto’s South Asian Film Festival is to discover, introduce, promote and celebrate cinematic endeavors by talented South Asian filmmakers, and to highlight works with South Asian themes that can be brought to a mainstream audience. This year we will focus on two very active filmmakers; Canada’s own Jazz Virk and New York’s Samrat Chakrabarti.

Check out the complete list of events taking place in Toronto below.

Thursday September 29th, 2011 – Jackman Hall at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Opening Night Film – Toronto Premier – “Footsteps to Gangland”: This gritty independent film written and directed by Vancouver’s Mani Amar is about the true events that have shattered the South Asian Community of Vancouver.

September 30th, 2011 – Jackman Hall at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Toronto Premier – Big in Bollywood”: is a documentary of American actor Omi Vaidya’s rise to fame as an Indian celebrity. Omi Vaidya is the co-star of the massive hit film “3 idiots”. Shot by Omi’s friends, this film takes you on a ride with Omi.

October 1st, 2011 – Revue Cinema

FILMI Shorts Programme – Filmi is now the premier festival that showcases world and Canadian premieres of future filmmakers from the South Asian Diaspora.

World Premiere Filmi Web Series – “Guidestones” starring newcomer Supinder Wraich, will showcase the future of film making with this interactive web series. “Guidestones” will launch its World Premiere at Filmi.

Oct.1stnd & 2nd, 2:30PM at 725 King St W.

Filmi Industry Series – “Documentary Filmmaking”, Web Series”, “Music Video Directors” Workshop for filmmakers and film enthusiasts with the world’s biggest South Asian music video director, Jazz Virk.

October 2nd, 2011 – Jackman Hall at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Closing Night Film – Canadian Premier – “Dogs Lie” directed by Richard Atkinson based on the off – Broadway play written by Ronnie Cohen and Jane Beale. “Dogs Lie” is a combination of comedy and murder mystery. The two main characters, played by Samrat Chakrabati and Frank Boyd, are truly entertaining to watch.

FILMI Music Videos – Preceding each film premiere, FILMI 2011 will also be presenting world premieres of new music videos. This year, Filmi will be focusing on the works of UK Based-Canadian Jazz Virk who will premiere the music video by Prita Chhabra that was produced by Filmi’s own, Raoul Juneja. FILMI’s 5th annual music video segment programmed by Canadian music personality Raoul Juneja (a.k.a. Deejay Ra).

Filmi 12 is proud to have in attendance:

UK Canadian Music Video Director, Jazz Virk

New York Actor, Samrat Chakrabarti (30 Rock, Deepa Mehta ensemble ‘Midnight’s Children’)

Writer-Director, Mani Amar (Warrior’s Religion)

Richard Atkinson (Dogs Lie)

Bill Bowles (Big in Bollywood) and many more…..

For more information on FILMI, or to book interviews contact:

Dinesh Sachdev, Executive Director

T: 647.406.3269


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