Posted on August 21, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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Shin Cobra returns with a tribute to his inspirations!

Shin Cobra of the East London Bhangra Band, “Cobra” is making a come back! The 8o’s/90’s rock star is returning to the music scene with a brand new single!

Shin Cobra is releasing a “The Classic Legends Medley” featuring Shin Cobra’s favorite old school Bhangra beats, originally sung by Bhangra legends like Gurdas Mann, Surinder Shinda, Kuldip Manak and many more!

These are the songs and singers that inspired me and so many other modern day singers, across the world,” said Cobra. “It is only right that I pay homage to them in my comeback single, especially as I’ve had the great honor performing alongside the legendary Surinder Shinda and Kuldip Manak!

Cobra even produced the track himself! Just take listen of the unique mash-up for yourself!

You can download the track for FREE right here!

Shin Cobra is currently in the studio with Harvey Sahota, DREAM B3ATS and DJ Sati VDM to create some magic for his forthcoming singles and album! To catch up with Shin Cobra be sure to check out his website too:!

What do you think of the return of this old school rock star, think he can bring some new flavor to modern day Bhangra?

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