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#MusicMonday: Female Take Over!

Who run the world?…Girls….WHAT?! I didn’t hear you!!!… Who run the world?!….GIRLS!!!!… Yup, Beyonce said it best.


Move aside fellas, the ladies are taking over the music scene! 😉


Once upon a time, it was rare to see a female artist in the music scene that would stay in the limelight for long. However, all that has changed in recent years. The Asian music scene has been launching female talent all around the globe over the past few years. Old artists are making a come-back and the fresh faces are finally being heard. These ladies have broken all boundaries and are here to stay for good!


Check out Veronica, Sonna Rele, Nindy Kaur, Prita Chhabra, Kazz Kumar and more artists talent right here!


Kiran Dhanoa – Tere Bina Nahin Jeena

Although she may be new, she’s already making buzz around town. Kiran Dhanoa is the new face in the music world! Managed by Rishi Rich and Mumbai Rouge, Kiran has already performed across UK and around the globe! The 22-year-old Law student is trying to make her music dream come true. Check out her first single, “Tere Bina Nahin Jeena” now out on iTunes!



Sonna Rele – Brand New Day

Everyday is a “Brand New Day” for the soulful British artist, Sonna Rele. This beautiful, talented singer and songwriter gives you shivers with her amazing, breathtaking voice. She’s got a new music video for her latest single, “Brand New Day”. Check out the cute and colorful video here!



Tina – So Good

Born in Mumbai, raised in New Jersey, our Tabla Girl, Tina, is just “So Good” at what ever she does! Tina’s first single, “So Good” ft. Fat Joe created quite a buzz with the Timbaland family. It has over 100,000 hits on YouTube! Check out her hot dance moves, they’ll make you feel “So Good Good Good Good Good” 😉



Prita Chhabra – Roots

She may be Canadian born but she hasn’t forgotten her “Roots”. Singer/songwriter Prita Chhabra’s first single had it’s world premiere at Tampa Bay’s 2nd annual Indian International Film Festival! Her albums expected to release Fall 2011. Take a look at the talented singers music video here!



Veronica – Soniya

Veronica needs no introduction. She’s well known from the Rishi Rich Camp and from the hit track she composed herself, “U ‘n’ I” (Mere Dil Vich Hai) from the Yash Chopra film, Hum Tum. After almost a 3 year gap, shes released another single “Soniya” ft Hunterz.



Rani – Play This Game

Rani is a women of many talents. Her journey began at the age of 12 writing poetry. She is now a talented manager of UK artists like Arjun and is the director of Raine Records. She has recently turned to a new path as a singer-songwriter as well. So lets get this straight, she writes poetry, manages artists, is a songwriter/lyricist, sings, and also finds time to do charity work?! Damn, Rani is definitely ready to “Play This Game!”.



Kazz Kumar – Dirty Word

Her music speaks as does her dressing style; loud, colorful, unique, refreshing and different. Fusing together the sounds of Pop, Rock, Dance, R&B and Electro, singer/songwriter Kazz from the UK knows how to get your attention!! Check out Kazz Kumar’s single, “Dirty Word”.



Serese World – Serese Montage

Serese is a girl band made up of three gorgeous personalities, attitudes and vocal styles from the UK. The talented trio, Mandee, Anu & Anita are three fiercely independent young women who together form the group. Check out a preview from Serese’s debut album.



Jaya – Outta Control

“Confident, creative, sexy and larger than life” is how she describes herself and she’s not wrong!! This talented, sexy, young British singer and songwriter is “Outta Control”! She’s got 4 versions/remixes to her single all with an amazing new sound. Check out the UBC Rap ft. Marvell & Ruff Squad remix.



Shweta Subram – Jee Le Live Life

Discovered by Bollywood duo Salim – Sulaiman, Shweta Subram is a Canadian singer making the charts! The singer, songwriter and composer had her latest single produced by Canada’s own Parichay! Take a look at her hot new video here, “Jee Le Live Life”!



Anjulie – Brand New B*tch

We’ve got another Canadian on the list! She’s got a unique voice, exotic looks, and tremendous talent, we’re talking about none other than Anjulie! Check out her latest track with a very catchy tune, “Brand New B*tch”.



Kee Artist – Jaaneman Part 2

“Jaaneman Part 2” is the comeback track to talented British rapper Raxstar’s “Jaaneman”. Kee gives the hit track a feminine touch. Her co-star in the video looks super cute!



Nindy Kaur – 2 Seater

Nindy received an amazing response when she officially debuted her latest single, “2 Seater”, during her performance at the 2011 IIFA Awards in Toronto to over 10,000 guests and 60 million television viewers. Check out the official video for it here and keep an eye open for her album, Nindypendent, coming soon!



Avina Shah – Dil Deewana

Naturally gifted Avina Shah has written and recorded numerous songs in both English and Hindi. Her second single, “Dil Deewana” music video is out now! Have a look at England’s gorgeous pop princess. Does she make your heart crazy 😉



Hard Kaur – Desi Dance

She started off in the UK and branched off to Bollywood, and now shes even collaborated with some Western groups. From her “Talli” days to her “Desi Dance” days, she’s recognized worldwide. She’s sang numerous hits for Bollywood films. Many women not only in the Asian music scene, but around the globe can’t do what she does, rap. She is definitely the Hardest Kaur out there! Last year she collaborated with Eminem’s group, D12. Can you “Desi Dance” like her?



Music is a universal language. These ladies have experimented with different genres of music that are targeted towards a diverse audience, and these aren’t even all the females we have in the industry, they’re just a few! They’ve given massive hits and many are also signed to mainstream labels. Our girls are being recognized worldwide!


Weather their a Hip-Hop, RnB, Pop, Urban, Rap, Electro or Desi artist, or singing in English, Hindi or Punjabi…our Desi girls know how to do it best!


Who’s the hottest girl in the world?? …OUR DESI GIRLS, OUR DESI GIRLS! 😉


Congratulations ladies for making a name for yourself as well as helping future female artist to break into the industry.



Do you think females are taking over? Do you think we’ll see more females in the music scene? Let UrbanAsian know what you think!

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