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It's a bird, it's a plane…no, it's Raghav on "Fire!"

After releasing “Fire” earlier this year, R&B pop star Raghav headed on a cross Canada tour to support the record which has been in the top 40 for 26 weeks now, climbed to top 15 at both pop & Hot AC radio along with being certified Gold in sales. Raghav’s team video-documented during the promo tour for “Fire” across Canada.

In the video, fans get to see Raghav’s life behind the scenes all across Canada in different cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary.

Raghav’s life behind the scenes seems quite fun and adventurous with fans screaming his name, him signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone. Of course we see him traveling…A LOT, not only on the road but in the air, too, going “higher, higher, higher, higher, higher” off the ground! We sometimes wonder if Raghav spends more time on earth or up in the sky flying from place to place, and which time zone Raghav’s internal clock is in!

Fans will also get to see clips of him along with Iceberg Slimm and DJ Harry touring around doing his concerts, shows, and even radio interviews. We’ll see Raghav at Calgary Stampede shooting hoops, in Ottawa at Bluesfest, in Surrey at Fusion Festival, and in Toronto performing and walking down the IIFA green carpet (doesn’t he look so cute in his suit?!) We even see him paying a visit to his old high school in Calgary…and how can we miss that last clip of him checking out the Calgary Flames jersey?

What’s common in all the clips? A cup of Tim Hortons, of course!!! You’re not a true Canadian ’til you have that cup of Timmies in your hand. We all know how much Raghav loves his Tim Hortons, don’t we? 😉

Raghav recently signed to a management agency called Kingpin Entertainment Group headed by Sandy Lal. Sandy has managed acts such as Flo Rida, Lauryn Hill and Lil Flip to name a few. Labels have taken a keen eye to Raghav’s music since the inception of his signing to Sandy Lal and a deal is said to be in the works.

Where will Raghav’s fans see him next you ask? Well he recently recorded a track for upcoming Bollywood release ‘Hum Tum Shabana’ starring Minissha Lamba, Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade. The title track called “Hey Na Shabana” features the actors of the film in a remix video as well.  The film will be released on September 23 and is directed by Sagar Ballary with music by Sachin Jigar.

Fans across Canada couldn’t get enough of Raghav! The audio version of “Fire” has collectively accumulated over 2.2 million views on YouTube to date. 2.2 million for just the audio version, imagine what’s going to happen to the official video version!!! Of course we’re not surprised, after all, it’s Raghav we’re talking about. He’s as loyal to his fans as they are to him.

Born in Toronto and raised in Calgary, who cares if he lives in the UK, he’s still a Canadian at heart 😉 Welcome home Raghav, Canada loves you!

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And here’s a special perk for all of you UA readers – can you spot UrbanAsian speaking to Raghav somewhere in the video? 😉 Let us know where you find us & tell us what you think of the video!

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