Posted on August 19, 2011 at 5:31 pm

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Imran Khan Chats With Fans on Video and BBM!

Yash Raj Films(YRF) has another movie making it to the big screen in just a few weeks titled “Meri Brother Ki Dulhan” starring Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif.

YRF never fails to amaze their fans – not just with their movies, but also the way they market and promote their films too! They thought of a very clever way to promote their movie – BlackBerry Messenger(BBM). This is the first time that a Bollywood movie has ever marketed their movie through the ever popular Blackberry service. A lot of positive responses and appreciation has been given to YRF for thinking of such an innovative technique.

YRF have set up a BBM for the movie, so fans can add and interact with the MBKD team. On Wednesday morning, the movie’s lead actor, Imran Khan, was live to chat with his fans.

Before Imran chatted with fans on BBM, he signed onto YRF’s YouTube page to do a live video-chat there. He answered questions from the YRF studios from 11AM to 12PM (IST). He spoke live on video chat to fans for 40 minutes, and then moved over to BBM for 20 minutes.

Fans from all around the world were live talking to Imran Khan, myself being one! It was quite late in Toronto at the time, (1:30AM) but it was well worth the wait! In fact, mine was the first question Imran answered.

Shruti: Hey “Luv”, how was it working with Katrina Kaif for the first time?

Imran: Hi Shruti. I have to say that Katrina has really, really impressed me in this film. I’ve never worked with someone who is so dedicated, so hard working and who puts in this much effort to make sure her performance is the best it can be. She’s a very, very hard working person and I like to work with people like that.

Fans from New York to New Zealand to Pakistan to Paris, even countries like Mauritius, Canada and South Africa participated. A lot of silly questions were being asked too such as “How many fingers do you have on your right hand?” Where Imran counted and answered “7”. I was lucky enough to get another 2 questions answered of mine, of course not one after another, but in the span of the 40-minute chat.

Shruti: You’re a fan of rock. What is your all-time fav rock band?

Imran: I am a huge fan of the Beatles and in my opinion they are the greatest band in the history of the world!

Shruti: Any plans on working with Amir Khan as a co-star?

Imran: No, as of right now there are no movies that he and I are going to be doing together. Of course, I would like to work with him.

Imran explained to us the very funny experience while shooting for the film in which Katrina took 16 takes where she slaps Imran! He thinks 16 shots weren’t needed but hey, practice makes perfect, right?! We also found out hottie John Abhram has done a special apperance in MBKD!

When fans asked about whether he will be back on Twitter, he explained that he had de-activated his account just a year back, so at the moment he wouldn’t be appearing anytime soon. Also, he doesn’t use Facebook and has no account on there, so if any of you out there have an “Actor Imran Khan” on your lists, it’s a fake one.

He signed off video-chat and moved on to BBM where fans were eagerly waiting to speak to him. I did send out another question to him on BBM but it wasn’t answered, probably because there were 600 people waiting to talk to him!

Check out what other questions Imran answered to, what he tells us about Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, and how his own married life is going.

It’s Katrina Kaif’s turn next week! Add the Mere Brother Ki Dulhan team on the Official BBM PIN: 277BFE3C.

The “Com-Rom” of the year, as Imran calls it, will be in theatres September 9th.

How excited are you to watch it?!

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