Posted on August 17, 2011 at 4:46 pm

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Episode 2 of the Headphone Diaries: DJ Flawless remixes Pree Mayall's "Ik Waari"

New York producer, DJ Flawless, takes us through his relationship with California based artist Pree Mayall and how they created the hot new remix to Pree Mayall’s track “Ek Waari” in episode 2 of the Headphone Diaries!

I was so inspired by ‘Ik Waari’ that I went back to the studio and did what I always do. I pumped the track with some steroids and gave it a more electronic, David Guetta vibe.”

Check out Episode 2 to find out more about the creation of “Ik Wari (TightJeans Remix.)”

The South Asian music scene has been booming in the UK, Canada and elsewhere but DJ Flawless was one of the first of his kind from the USA to rise to fame at first with his remix CD’s like “Flawless Victory.” After the popularity of his remix CD’s he moved on to produce his debut track featuring Pree Mayall titled “Sari Raath.” The track was an instant hit, rising to the Top 25 iTunes World Charts! The talented cutie then teamed up with Navin Kundra to release a remix of Navin’s track “Jee Le!”

DJ Flawless’s work speaks for itself, whether he’s composing original songs or remixing existing material, the sound remains synonymous with his name!

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