Posted on August 6, 2011 at 3:03 am

Bollywood What's Happenin'

Deepika Padukone gets cooking lessons on the Aarakshan sets!

During a song sequence in “Aarakshan,” Deepika Padukone actually had to make a roti but she froze when presented with loose flour!

The whole unit waited for the superstar to take action but Deepika just stood there and just like any Indian girl’s first try she made some roti’s of odd shapes and sizes.

“I was so embarrassed!” said Padukone.“I can totally cook but roti is a challenge. As with life the most simplest of things sometimes get to be a hardest to master.”

It was Chote Nawab, Saif Ali Khan, who came to her rescue but he wasn’t too great either.

 “It was interestingly funny,” said Saif Ali Khan, “reminded me of the scene in Kaalia, where Amit ji helps Parveen Babi ji to make an egg. (laughs) Thank God it wasn’t an egg for Deepika.”

Finally director Prakash Jha had to get involved to help make the perfectly round roti.

 “It was nothing major,” Jha said. “Deepika was pretty comfortable in the kitchen. I just helped her a little bit.”

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