Posted on August 26, 2011 at 8:42 pm

Music What's Happenin'

Cornershop and Bubbley Kaur work to promote Free Tibet

The UK band Cornershop, has teamed up with singer Bubbley Kaur to release a track and music video in collaboration with the non-profit organization Free Tibet titled “Don’t Shake it.”


Cornershop is always looking to work with interesting and independent film-makers to match their political views and independent stance. They decided to work on this project with the backdrop of China celebrating 60 years of so-called “peaceful liberation” to show how Tibet continues to demand their freedom from China.

When Bubbley Kaur met the boys of Cornershop, Tjinder and Benedict, she had never even recorded a note of music! They had randomly met the artist with a sugar-coated voice first at school and then through a mutual friend. Since then, Bubbley has released “Natch” and “Topknot” on Rough Trade Records.

Check out the video the team has created for the innocent people of Tibet, it shows the daily lives of Tibetans, demonstrations and state repression against Tibetans and also scenes from the March 2011 London demonstration in solidarity with the Tibetan people and their struggle for freedom with specially commissioned footage for this project.

Please be kind enough to take part in this worthy movement that Cornershop and Bubbley have taken the time to spread to the world.

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