Posted on July 20, 2011 at 1:46 am

What's Happenin'

Saif and Kareena bond over "Aarakshan"

Even with all the buzz around Deepika Padukone and everyone’s favorite chote nawab, Saif Ali Khan’s bonding during their shooting in Bhopal for their film “Aarakhshan,” Saif has remained faithful to Kareena far longer than anyone expected!

Looks like that love story is going to last longer! Saif Ali Khan will be playing a dalit’s role in Prakash Jha’s upcoming film, “Aarakshan,” and it took a lot of work to make him look convincing. Saif would BBM Kareena his pictures before every scene and only after his lady luck gave a green signal, would he proceed with that look and shoot. Looks like the saying turns around for the lovebirds, so far and yet so close!

Also rumor has it that Saif Ali Khan would cover up his Kareena tattto with make-up and touch it up himself! He wouldn’t let anyone touch it! A little possessive, no? Be sure to check out this new flick in theaters August 12th!

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