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Fall in love with England's latest export: Kavi Shastri!

With a hit show like that STILL gets fans riled up, it’s no wonder that Kavi Shastri is currently the fan favorite on Indian television. Urban Asian was lucky enough to grab an interview with the British-Indian sweetheart to get a closer look at the man behind the role. Check it out!

UA: First of all we’d like to ask as how it feels to be labeled the new hottie on Indian television! Girls are heart-broken about your marriage to Sherryl!

Kavi: I am extremely flattered. I never viewed myself as a ‘hottie’ but thank you. I hope Sherryl shares your view! I don’t think hearts are breaking too much but I think they definitely feel for Sherryl. Marrying an insane person like myself.

UA: Just a curious question, as you are a regular in the television industry now, you’re settled in India. But with your family in England and Sherryl in Australia, where are two going to live?? I’m guessing on a plane but I’m sure you guys have a spot in mind!

Kavi: I was thinking a caravan but plane also sounds great! (Laughs) India will be our base due to my work commitments. London and Australia will always remain our homes, we love both places. The majority will be spent in India but trips to London and Australia will happen frequently.

UA: Since you’ve already broken the hearts of girls everywhere, why don’t you tell us how Sherryl caught your attention, tell us more about your long-distance love story!

Kavi: Its infact a simple story, for me it was love at first sight. We met through friends in Mumbai whilst she was here. At the time had not been released and no one knew who I was. I fell in love with her simple personality and lets face it, she is beautiful, I was smitten. We hit it off personality wise straight away and although I had a flame for her, I kept it inside me and didn’t tell her for a year. We grew closer as friends and fully understood each other, then it just happened. I do think back to the time I met her and that entire year and try and recount the feelings I had but truth is, I have the same butterflies in my stomach today.

 UA: So sweet! Let’s get down to business, actors always have these long hard kahaani’s about the failures they face until they reach the top but it seems like you just flew there instantly! After your role in “Love Aaj Kal” did you ever think that you would be offered a lead role on a show like “” 

Kavi: Honestly never in a million years did I think something so amazing would happen to me.  There has been a lot of struggle, between LAK and but struggle that has made me more determined and stronger. I don’t think ‘I flew there instantly’ as I truly believe I haven’t even reach a quarter way to my capability or even opportunity. I don’t think I’ll ever make it ‘there’, as you complete one goal, you create 5 others.

UA: Did you expect “” to be such a hit? Fans still talk about the show!

Kavi: From the moment I read the script, I knew in the pit of my stomach that this was going to define if not change a path in Indian Television. On paper it was exciting, whilst shooting, it was exhilarating and watching it was unbelievable! All due credit to the team at YRF TV and to Rishab Seth who was writer and director of Rishab gave birth to Rohan, and I lived Rohan Mehra. I still see the fan pages and its so touching to see, its all still going strong. Love to the crazy bunch!

UA: There is a lot of talk about a second season of “Mahi Way,” so is “” going to have a second season as well?

Kavi: I wish I could say yes to that but as it stands there will be no season two of for I, along with the rest of the fans truly wish there was one but I guess for now we can keep watching the first season (im a fan too), and hope a second season crops up at some point.

UA: As a British born Indian actor, how do you feel acting on Indian television shows and films? Are you more comfortable with British films or is there no difference in the mediums?

Kavi: Initially the language was a difficulty, but I over came that very quickly. I shall always be more confortable in English as it’s the language I grew up speaking. The mediums are not different from each other at all, it’s the same process, I find India tougher as the hours are much longer and the madness adds to the excitement. British films are a little more controlled whilst shooting. In India every day is a new day, you never know what could happen, they are both exhilarating.

UA: I understand that you’re a trained actor, where did you take acting courses and for how long? Did you start acting from a young age?

Kavi: I studied at the world famous Italia Conti Academy in London, it’s a stage school (save the last dance style). I trained in drama, musical theatre and dance (ballet tap jazz etc) for around 8 years. My weekends we spent at my Indian dance academys (Prashant Kapoor, The Angel Dancers,  Independence)  I performed at weekends and trained in the week. I have been acting and dancing a good 16 years now (please don’t do the math!) After I arrived in Mumbai I spent 3 months at the Anupam Kher School ‘Actor Prepares’ and the training continues every day since then as I work in the industry I love.

UA: Would you say your training gives you an edge over other actors?

Kavi: I think more than anything, the discipline of training helps me engage further than most actors, every actor is different,  Training helped me to mature my mind into my craft, but saying that, I carry on learning and training. I was told once that you can train all your life and still not be the best at what you do, its about how you implement your training into what you do that gives you the edge. Its about what YOU take out of it-training or no training.

UA: Did you always aspire to become a star in Bollywood? Or were you on your way to Broadway theater, or Hollywood instead and just ended up here by some twist of fate?

Kavi: Indeed I did. I always wanted to work in Indian film, that was my dream. Today the dream is as strong and the determination is stronger. I’d love to work in Hollywood or on Broadway, they are two of my biggest ambitions as well, I hope one day the opportunity arises to work in Hollywood.

UA: What are some forthcoming projects that fans can expect from you?

Kavi: Im currently touring with my show History of India alongside Vir Das… we should be out in the US touring at the end of the year. I am due to start shooting soon for a couple of things-all a little hush hush at the moment, so once I can, all will be revealed.

 UA: Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years from now?

Kavi: Hopefully not bankrupt! I wish I had a 5 year plan! Things happen so suddenly in this business its hard to know whats happening tomorrow. I just hope I remain working hard and giving great performances for my fans and the audiences in all I do.

UA: So let us get in your head now, and get to know the real Kavi that fans don’t see. Can you tell us one secret pet peeve that most people don’t know about you? Something that really annoys you!

Kavi: My pet peeve is defiantly interfering people, people who have to make a comment or share an opinion about something that has nothing to do with them. Live and let live! Oh and laziness, cant stand it aaghhh! (the list is long!)

UA: Fans are in love with the daring and hot player-with-a-soft-side character Rohan on, so much in common do you have with Rohan in real life? 

Kavi: We are miles apart yet very similar but I share Rohan’s wit, direct attitude, foot and mouth problems. I am Rohan bar the playboy, I am definitely not a  playboy!

UA: What’s your favorite food? Favorite color? And favorite pair of shoes!

Kavi: My favorite food would have to be Stuffed Crust Veg Pizza, green chillies and the cheese just stringing off. Favorite color is Red, Shoes – My timberland boots.

UA: If you had to choose between an apple, a pear, a banana and an orange what would it be?

Kavi: Orange for sure

UA: What is your dream role and if you had the chance to work with any actress as your love interest who would it be?

Kavi: To answer your second question first, I’d love to play opposite Sherryl my fiancé, she is very camera shy. I try and convince her, but am denied. That’s my dream pairing but I hope I can convince her to come onto screen one day, she would be great. As for dream role, I have so many, probably would have loved to play Aamirs character in Dil Chahta Hai it’s in my top 5 list.

UA: What is your favorite song at the moment?

 Kavi: Nakardwale Disco from Delhi Belly and Just the way you are by Bruno Mars.

UA: What is something you love about living in India and something you miss about living in England?

Kavi: I love the madness of India…it compliments my madness as a person…and I miss my family (Mums cooking) and friends back in London more than anything.

UA: Tell us one thing that you will not compromise at all on at your wedding. Something you’ve just got to have even if Sherryl hates the idea!

Kavi: If I answer that question, my marriage will be over before it has even begun!

We had a great time chatting it up with Kavi, and stay tuned for more news from the star very soon!

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