Posted on July 7, 2011 at 4:13 pm

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DJ Flawless launches online video series “Headphone Diaries”

Music producer Flawless takes his fans on a journey into his mind with the launch of the online video series ‘Headphone Diaries.’

          Two years in the making, ‘Headphone Diaries’ documents the process by which Flawless creates his work, collaborating tirelessly with new and established artists to deliver the best possible music.

 “In an age where art has the life span of a cup of coffee,” said DJ Flawless. “I wanted to showcase all the different aspects of the creative process that go into creating that piece of art.”

          For now, a teaser of the series has been released on The series debut will air on Monday July 11, and along with it will come the release of his brand new track “T.N.K.” featuring British Asian vocalist Navin Kundra. Check out the teaser below:

          Over the past decade, the grounds of the South Asian music scene have slowly been shifting. However, most of this movement has come from musicians based in the UK, Canada and abroad and we have yet to see a prominent emergence from the United States. But have no fear, The Category Killer, Flawless, is silently perched in a recording studio somewhere in the Manhattan skyline, and he has his crosshairs set on that exact target.

          Having conquered the underground remix scene, he has now taken aim at the original production realm with an energetic, gritty-yet-crispy electronic sound that is unique to the industry. Seamlessly fusing the precision of electro with the foundation of eastern music with a formula that is anything but generic, Flawless has created a track record that thus far speaks volumes.

          The debut of his first produced track “Sari Raath” not only introduced us to California based recording artist Pree Mayall, but also earned a rank on the top 25 iTunes World charts. Following the success of “Sari Raath,” Flawless teamed up with Navin Kundra to release the official remix for his breakout hit “Jee Le.”

Navin received the Electro treatment from Flawless, providing roundhouse kick drums injected with aggressive synth work to give the track a set of titanium-coated arms.

          This, of course, is just the beginning. Flawless continues to quietly, and tirelessly, crank away in the studio, lining up tracks with some of the music industry’s major icons.

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