Posted on July 24, 2011 at 6:35 am

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DJ Billy G, DJ Karan, and DJ Rohit drop a new mixtape: 'Trendsetters'

DJ Billy G, DJ Karan, and DJ Rohit drop their new mixtape, entitled “Trendsetters!”

The title alone says everything. These DJ’s are setting trends and paving the road for DJ’s worldwide by mixing some of  the hottest tracks out there, including “Bumpy Ride”, “Give Me Everything Tonight”, and “Every Little Part of Me”! After listening to the entire mixtape, I can honestly say I think these DJ’s did an amazing job and picked some of the hottest and most popular songs. However, instead of me rambling on about how great this mixtape is, I think you should download it here and let UrbanAsian know what you think!

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