Posted on June 1, 2011 at 6:09 pm

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Vishal Dadlani says "you haven't seen anything yet!"

Recently the track “Chammak Challo” from Shahrukh Khan’s new sci-fi flick Ra.One was leaked on to the internet but Vishal says that’s not even in the film! It’s not a real track and it wasn’t created by Akon!

Vishal took to twitter to report these lies to all the media and his fans!

@V1SH4L: Back to twitter after a couple days. Ra.One theatrical promo and the sad and criminal Chammak Challo leak is all anyone’s talking about. All I can say is, while I’m glad you guys are loving it all, you haven’t seen or heard ANYTHING yet! The film, and the finished song will BLOW YOU AWAY! 🙂

@V1SH4L: As to why the papers and TV guys are claiming that Akon has composed the track, I have no answer. They’re all into sensationalism, they’re not in the business of verifying anything. As it happens, V+S have composed, I’ve written and Akon has sung Chammak Challo brilliantly! So there!

@V1SH4L:All Ra.One, @iamSRK, V+S and @anubhavsinha fans out there, we #!@%*#ure you that the people responsible for this leak will be caught and held accountable SOON. Meanwhile, please do NOT support and spread the song any further, if you guys can resist the temptation.

Director Abhinav Sinha also responded to fans on twitter about the indicdent!

@AbhinacSinha: The idea behind the theatrical trailer is to give you the right Ra.One experience. SEE IT IN THE THEATER FIRST. Trust Me 🙂

Stay tuned for the REAL “Chammak Challo” promo to release, in the mean time take a look at the Ra.One theatrical trailer!!

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