Posted on June 4, 2011 at 12:42 am

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The IIFA Diaries – “3 Reasons why the IIFA Awards make a perfect First Date Destination”

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In just less than one month the lights will dim and the stage will be set for the 2011 IIFA Awards. The biggest of Bollywood’s stars will be out and about in the city of Toronto and fans will live out their dreams. What about the love birds out there? Surely, the IIFA Awards can be of great benefit to the world of romance. Here are 3 reasons why the 2011 IIFA Awards is the perfect first date destination.

Stars galore – This is an obvious one! Who wouldn’t want to meet their favorite Bollywood superstar? Better yet, how about sharing that first adrenaline rushed experience with someone on a first date? On a recent episode of the Bachelorette, Ashley took William out for their first date where they planned out their wedding right, from choosing their wedding cake to their nuptials. Crazy, I know! Point is, take a leap…get out there and create a memorable first date and perhaps, there will be more to remember than just Shahrukh Khan!

Happening City – Toronto is going to be the place to be for any South Asian during the last week of June, not just for the IIFA Awards, but for the strong presence of the South Asian culture. Toronto will not only be celebrating the Bollywood stars, but it will play host to a flurry of various activities from dance, music and other cultural events that will showcase South Asian culture and talent at it’s best. So many tasty dishes and wonderful concerts to witness and explore. A great time to meet people and enjoy that first date!

Bollywood 101 – If you didn’t know what Bollywood was and still don’t, then this June is a good time as any to get out and explore the world’s largest film family, creating more than a 1000 films a year. First Fact: Indian Cinema makes reference to all sub-film industries that exist within India, the term refers to all the films made in all the Indian languages. Bollywood on the other hand refers to mainstream Hindi Films, which the IIFA Awards will celebrate. If you still don’t know the world of song, dance and celebration…then getting out during June 23-25, will be an exciting time to experience and learn about Bollywood cinema.

Do you think the 2011 IIFA Awards are a great time to meet and greet different people? What about for a first date?

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