Posted on June 29, 2011 at 10:29 pm

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One Shot drops "Life I Chose"

Canadian rapper,One Shot has recently released his long awaited mixtape entitled “True Colors”.

Through a variety of musical vibes, One Shot walks you through his world and shows you his True Colors through ingenious verses, melody driven choruses, head noddin’ production & hot punch lines…thanks to his musical background, his signature sound and his ability to adapt & crossover from one music genre to the other, One Shot has been known for making music that has a universal sound. His music easily appeals to any crowd, no matter their music tastes.

Born in Pakistan yet raised in Montreal, he doesn’t depict that typical rapper. However, its unique style and versatility that draws you in. Growing up listening to the legendary Jay-Z, One Shot was inspired by hip-hop, but R&B and Rock of course, sticking to his roots South Asian music have had great influence to his song writing and beat choice.

With his latest single entitled “Life I Chose,” One Shot shows that he’s really unstoppable and is just one step away from proving that dreams come true. The song was inspired by people’s everyday grind & dedication to achieve success. In his own words, “the whole concept of the song is to show where I started off and where I’m headed…” The track is produced by P. West and features CTB’s very own AK & Tek Luciano. One Shot delivers his thoughts through a melody driven chorus & heartfelt verse filled with hard hitting rhymes.

Check out “Life I Chose” right here and let us know what you think!

One Shot’s latest mixtape “True Colors” is available for download for FREE through his Facebook fanpage:

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